Nossin FMI is a leader in the precision milling of aluminium materials: from series of 5 to 1000 pieces. A repetitive character is ideally suited to Nossin FMI’s strategy. Dimensions that can be achieved vary from a few mm to 850 mm. The versatile and reliable machines are externally programmed by skilled professionals using the advanced CAD/CAM system HyperMill. The programming software is constantly kept up to date with the latest options.

5-axis CNC milling machines

Using exceptionally accurate five-axis Hermle CNC milling machines – several of which are equipped with an integrated six-axis Kuka industrial robot and an extensive pallet and tool store – Nossin FMI realises an efficient 24-hour production. These Hermle machines have a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm and have an error margin of 5 microns. That makes the Hermle CNC milling machines of Nossin FMI ideal for the production of precision components from aluminium that have a serial and repetitive character. The maximum pallet size of the Hermle C40U is 630 x 750 mm

Milling processing centres

Nossin FMI has various Okuma processing centres, with extensive tool change systems. Several of these processing centres are equipped with a pallet exchange system so that 24-hour production can be realised on these machines.

Other CNC Milling machines

Besides the various processing centres Nossin FMI also has various 3-axis CNC milling machines on a standalone basis including many models from Hermle and Okuma. Thanks to these machines Nossin FMI can handle smaller series sizes as well.