Nossin FMI, your specialist in the field of turning. We offer the customer a complete package by also focusing on unmanned production when turning, whereby small series with a repetitive character fits perfectly. We have various very accurate Okuma turningmachines.

By using multiple turning techniques, Nossin FMI optimizes production with guaranteed accuracy. Think of turning with driven tools and unmanned turning production where materials and products are loaded and unloaded by robots.

A combination of turning and milling operations on a single product is also one of the options offered.

6-axis turning processing centre with sub-spindle

To allow finished products to leave the machine and so reduce changeover times, we have a turning centre that automatically transfers products to a sub-spindle. This machine also has a rod feed and a product removal system to ensure 24-hour production in the area of turning.

Turning processing centres

Nossin FMI has various turning processing centres, most of which have powered tools and rod feed. Turning dimensions range from 1 mm to a maximum of 250 mm.

Other CNC lathes

Besides the turning processing centres, Nossin FMI has various stand-alone CNC lathes from Schaublin, for example. These machines are particularly suitable for small, precision work and are equipped with collets.